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4 years ago we were asked to start a team to honor a very special man, Patrick (Pat) Rohan who loved everyone he met. He was 1 year out from his diagnosis of small cell lung cancer that had metastasized to his brain. He was defying all odds and was very excited to do his part to raise money to support research. He was always positive, always flashing his beautiful smile and thanking God for each new day. Team Rohan grew and became an annual event for our family and friends. Shortly before our 3rd year our dear friend Phil Zinn passed away, also from lung cancer. Phil also touched so many, and the Rohans and Zinns were friends for many years. It was only fitting that we asked the Zinns to join our team, now 'Team Rohan-Zinn'. This past Thanksgiving Pat peacefully passed away at home. His smile and 'high-fives' at the finish line will be missed, but he will always be with all of us, and no doubt he and Phil will be cheering everyone on. We hope and pray that through all of our efforts research will continue to work towards a cure and we thank everyone for supporting this cause.


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Sorry it's late Vicki. Hope you had a great walk. Love you guys!
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