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My 2017 Gainesville Run Amuck with the Duck Fundraising Page

Katie Rohan

My dear, sweet Pat. We will miss you and that awesome smile at the finish line this year. I know you will be smiling on Team Rohan-Zinn along with all of the participants and supporters of Run Amuck with the Duck! I thank God for giving all of us 4 1/2 extra years of your beautiful life. All my love forever..........Katie



raised of $1,000 goal

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1. MMaggi Davison
2. LALinda Andresen
In remembrance of my sweet friend and in honor of the Rohan family.
3. BBryan Rohan
In memory of my best friend and the greatest dad!
4. GGainesville High family
5. Katie Rohan
6. Katie Rohan

Team Rohan-Zinn